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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Posted by Eddie Parker on September 21, 2016

Hey Team, Ed here. Today I'm going to talk to you about one of those tough decisions that I have to make each day. That's  right, we're talking about breakfast. Each day, I wake up I'm going to cruise across the road from the apartment and I'm going to walk along to Alongside. Alongside is open for breakfast from 8 AM and serves it all the way through to 11.30am. Sometimes it gets a bit wet, so we'll move down under the canopy, chuck the heaters on, make it pretty comfortable. The tough decision I'm talking about is breakfast. Once I get to Alongside, tough decision number 1, do I want to have breakfast at a table with all the views of the Bay of Islands around me, or do I wish to have breakfast on one of the comfy couches, again with all the views of the Bay of Islands around me? Again, that's a tough decision and one that I face each day.

Once I make this tough decision, do you know, going to go straight for a coffee. I need that first coffee in the morning as soon as I can get it. I'd put it through an IV if I could. The coffee at Alongside is done by Toasted Espresso. All roasted on site in Auckland. You can always guarantee that they're always going to take home a decent stash of medals from all the barista & coffee awards.

Back to another decision, my coffee could be a latte, could be a flat white. The selection is just all there. The only thing we don't do is decaf coffee. Unfortunately, that's just due to the number of coffees we put out there, we try to keep it as simple as possible to get your coffee to you as quickly as possible, we all know how important that caffeine hit is in the morning. You like your long blacks, you like your espressos, you want a flat white, cappuccinos, hot chocolates? All on offer.

Now I've had that boost I am then awake and we get to the main decision, breakfast. What am I going to have? Looking over the menu, it's designed by Martin Bosley . You got choices all the way from just simple toast, jam on toast, marmalade on toast, to eggs, bacon and eggs, some waffles, granola, paleo granola, for you paleo fans out there, smoked fish and potato hash. Again, the first to use fresh sustainable [inaudible 00:03:05], or maybe even that's devil-may-care attitude and going for a North African Shakshouka.

Tough decision number 2. We've got all the sides here that you could want: fresh avocado, haloumi, pork sausage, bacon, mushrooms, salmon; all your favorites and all locally found. What more could you ask for in the morning, so next time you're around the Bay of Islands, [pop on down 00:03:38] 8 AM, you'll see us. We're the only place doing breakfast over the water. Come and join me, I'll be there that person there just awakening from my slumber, probably a latte in front of me. Come and join me down for breakfast.

Sticks and Stones

Posted by Eddie Parker on August 04, 2016

There are always exceptions to the rules. “I before E except after a C” for example. Even the old adages “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Feedback is key to any good business wanting to be great. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and you can’t celebrate your successes if you don’t know you are winning. A great business will encourage you to offer feedback, will welcome the challenge to take it on board and use it to improve. Or celebrate their Teams & Systems.

But in the world of Master Chef and Gordon Ramsay I think it’s fair to say we all feel we have all become food critics. After working in the Hospitality Business for a number of years (which I won’t mention how many as it reminds me of my losing race with age), I try to follow simple rules when dining out. If asked for feedback I always give it freely, Great restaurants want your feedback good or bad so that they can monitor, review and improve. Facts are Facts, I know I’m not going to like every meal in every restaurant I dine in. If I have something I don’t like and I’m asked how my meal is I will let the waiter know.

There will be a system in place for this and the restaurant will put things in motion to rectify, might be a replacement meal or reheat, but a good restaurant will always try to fix a problem. Keep in mind that whether I like or dislike my meal a lot of time and effort has gone into it, there is or are people who are working as hard as they can to produce what’s on my plate. And they can only fix this if you let them know at the time.

What I never do is when asked about my meal, is dress down the waiter about the food. Raising my voice or getting abusive isn’t going to fix anything, Not raising an issue with any staff and then using my keyboard as a weapon to write my thoughts throughout social media definitely won’t help me or the restaurant. The waiter didn’t make my food, and there is always the chance that it could be just be my personal preference and 99% of all other diners love that same dish.

I never argue price with the floor staff either, for several reasons but the main ones are: 

1. They probably didn’t price the menu themselves. 

2. No one held a gun to my head and made me enter the restaurant or eat the food, they generally will have the prices listed on the menu and if it looks too expensive for me I will dine elsewhere.

3. I understand pricing and its simple math. 15% of the price GST, 28%-35% is just the cost of the companents itself, 28%-34% is the wages of the team members so already that’s anywhere between 60%-70% of the cost before we even take into account rent, power or water.

In all my years’ experience I am yet to find a restaurant that is purposely out there on a clandestine mission to rip people off.

I guess what I’m saying is always offer feedback, They need it, we need it and want it. But be mindful of how you do it, where you do it and who too. It's a very fine line between constructive feedback and just plain mean.

My Love Affair with Lamb Ribs

Posted by Eddie Parker on July 27, 2016

Is it just me or has the whole world stepped up its game when it comes to what we eat? Dinner was very standard when I grew up and followed simple guidelines. Monday nights were sausages, potato & vegetables. Tuesday nights, chicken, potato & vegetables. Wednesday nights, chops (Could be lamb, could be pork, depending on how “ris-kay” Mum was feeling,) potato & yes you guessed it vegetables.

The rest of the week followed the same principle except for Fridays. we all loved Fridays, “Takeaways Night". Dessert was something we only got if we had friends or family visiting. Not to mention how breakfast stepped up from toast and spread or porridge to bacon & eggs on those same occasions. But now with the back drop of shows like Master Chef & My Kitchen rules, a greater awareness of what we should be eating and whole television channels dedicated to food, the domestic cook is now able to turn their kitchen into their very own 5 star restaurant. We are just so spoilt now with tastes, flavours and options.

I’m going to share with you today one of my favourite dishes at Alongside & 35 Degrees South.  Two words people, “Lamb Ribs”. For those of you out there that know me, would know how I treat my body like a temple.  I make sacrifices to it daily. Normally I spread the sacrificial love around not wanting to snub a certain type of meat for another.  Living by the unshakeable principle that if you are a meat sitting portioned up at a restaurant or a super market your days are numbered, no use trying to hide. You have just booked a one way ticket to the temple of Ed.

Anyway back to Lamb Ribs, take a seat and let me paint you a picture. Lamb breast with ribs still attached placed in a casserole dish with white wine, peeled and then finely sliced garlic, rosemary and a dash of seasoning placed in an oven for around 2 hours. After cooking we are going to take that casserole dish and separate into individual ribs and then gently apply with a brush (as Michelangelo did when creating the Sistine chapel) some our very own home made BBQ sauce (a secret recipe but we will let you know there is a splash of beer in there just to get the party started). They then get roasted again for another half hour until the sauce is a rich brown in colour and sticky to the touch and the lamb just falls away from the bone.

Enough said I’m off to order some Ribs! Care to join me?

Debt Free, Stress Free

Posted by Nelson D'sa on July 20, 2016

An inside look at how our team helps each other get ahead.

Nelson D'sa, our Operations Manager here at 35o South & Alongside pulls double duty by moonlighting as our team's financial coach. Our company values the ability to do things differently & create excellence in every part of our teams lives. Stress adds no value to anyone's life and the biggest stress most people face is money problems, only second to health. With that in mind Nelson is working with our teams to get them debt free, spending less than they earn and to set some financial goals. Below is his story about where he started & why he does this extra work in the business. We hope it helps you understand a little of who we are behind the scenes here at the restaurants.

My goal is to wake up on boat, on a tropical island in the sun. But realistically I need to work very hard in order to get there. I realized good things don’t come to those who sit around and wait but rather those who get up, get motivated and go for it. Which is when I also realized that yes, I was working hard, making a lot of money but I was also spending a lot of it too. I didn’t care how much anything was,whether or not I actually needed it but only if I could afford it so I bought it.

Then I met my partner who taught me the meaning of essentials, that just because I “wanted” something didn’t necessarily mean I “needed” it. She also taught me that I wasn’t going to end up on a boat, on a tropical island but instead on a kayak in a muddy river, if I didn’t stop spending carelessly and set up a savings plan. It changed my whole life.

I opened up a savings account with high interest after doing a lot of research as to what high interest actually meant. My first goal was to pay off my mortgage for our house we brought in Florida. 8 years later, it was paid off and we were debt free. Then the money that I made I wasn’t having to pay a bank, instead I was able to put it into my savings account. I am not trying to gloat or boast about how well off I was, all I’m trying to say is that if you set your mind to something and be consistent then you can achieve whatever you want to.

Every 3 months I reviewed which banks were giving the best interest rate, you have to be on top of this because banks will lower their interest rates and you wouldn’t even know. Everything we wanted to buy, was put into a list, the pro’s and con’s of each item were deeply discussed and we would then decide how urgent they were.

I am now very passionate about helping others be financially stable, helping them understand money. I want them to wake up every day and not worry about how many days until pay-day. I want them to be intelligent with their money and make wise decisions. It humbles me so much when my fellow team members who I have financially coached come up to me and tell me their car has broken down but that they have enough money to buy another one, or that another member of my team has moved closer to work so he can save more money. Stories like these make me feel like I have made a difference and makes all my hard work worth it. 60% off my team now have a savings account that they cant touch for 90 days, between 10-25% of their wages go straight into this account, my goal is to have 100% of my team with this account. Trust me, I will make it happen. 

My Team.... Scratch that, My Family.

Posted by Eddie Parker on July 13, 2016

Eddie Parker, our general manager talks about one of the things that he loves about being here at 35 Degrees South & Alongside. 

One thing I love about my job is the team I work with, they are the source of my influx of grey hairs and deteriorating hair line for sure. But they are also the reason I get out of bed on those days I just want to stay wrapped up in my blankets, they are the ones that make me smile and laugh when I’m not feeling at the top of my game.  And during six months of the year I spend more time with each of them than my friends or family. Actually scratch that, they are my friends and family. I guess that would make me the father. Urgh… Lets change that, how about we make Mike, the father in this family and I can be the ruggedly handsome younger uncle known for his swagger and style.

Right now we got that sorted, some Happy Facts about my team – Most of them have been part of our family for 2-3 years. All of them have a personality which is their own, although we have systems, scripts and structures they use these as a base line to shine through with their own personalities. They are all inspired to get involved in self development. They all (almost all.. it's a work in progress!) have a savings plan of 10%-30% of their weekly wages which go into a savings account that can’t touch for 90 days. That is on top of Kiwisaver contributions!

They all take part in every aspect of our business from menu and beverage list design to stock control, ordering, marketing and event planning. This business is a business of 20 leaders rather than that of 1-3 chiefs and 17 indians. No offense intended towards those that wish to just be Indians but my team is full of people who are striving towards being chiefs in their own right. We are involved in the local gym and our own company boot camps (healthy body and minds), we sit down together once a day and have a healthy meal and talk about our days events with each other. We all have learning journals with goals and a leadership team devoted to helping us all reach them. We are all humans, we make mistakes but we own up to them, we don’t blame, we admit when we are wrong . We are solution orientated rather than whiners and whingers, give us a problem and we will show you a solution. We spend a good deal of time joking & pranking as we do our learning and getting our hands dirty. We are in the business of experiences and memories and I think, well I know I have a team and family of individuals who are dedicated to this and dedicated to improving themselves so they get even better at this.

Ask me why I do this? On those really tough days what picks me up? What makes me go home and get ready to do it all again the next day? And I will answer easily without thought or hesitation and give you 20-40 names depending on the time of year or season. These are the names of my Team Members, the names of my Family. 

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