My Team.... Scratch that, My Family.

Posted by Eddie Parker on July 13, 2016

Eddie Parker, our general manager talks about one of the things that he loves about being here at 35 Degrees South & Alongside. 

One thing I love about my job is the team I work with, they are the source of my influx of grey hairs and deteriorating hair line for sure. But they are also the reason I get out of bed on those days I just want to stay wrapped up in my blankets, they are the ones that make me smile and laugh when I’m not feeling at the top of my game.  And during six months of the year I spend more time with each of them than my friends or family. Actually scratch that, they are my friends and family. I guess that would make me the father. Urgh… Lets change that, how about we make Mike, the father in this family and I can be the ruggedly handsome younger uncle known for his swagger and style.

Right now we got that sorted, some Happy Facts about my team – Most of them have been part of our family for 2-3 years. All of them have a personality which is their own, although we have systems, scripts and structures they use these as a base line to shine through with their own personalities. They are all inspired to get involved in self development. They all (almost all.. it's a work in progress!) have a savings plan of 10%-30% of their weekly wages which go into a savings account that can’t touch for 90 days. That is on top of Kiwisaver contributions!

They all take part in every aspect of our business from menu and beverage list design to stock control, ordering, marketing and event planning. This business is a business of 20 leaders rather than that of 1-3 chiefs and 17 indians. No offense intended towards those that wish to just be Indians but my team is full of people who are striving towards being chiefs in their own right. We are involved in the local gym and our own company boot camps (healthy body and minds), we sit down together once a day and have a healthy meal and talk about our days events with each other. We all have learning journals with goals and a leadership team devoted to helping us all reach them. We are all humans, we make mistakes but we own up to them, we don’t blame, we admit when we are wrong . We are solution orientated rather than whiners and whingers, give us a problem and we will show you a solution. We spend a good deal of time joking & pranking as we do our learning and getting our hands dirty. We are in the business of experiences and memories and I think, well I know I have a team and family of individuals who are dedicated to this and dedicated to improving themselves so they get even better at this.

Ask me why I do this? On those really tough days what picks me up? What makes me go home and get ready to do it all again the next day? And I will answer easily without thought or hesitation and give you 20-40 names depending on the time of year or season. These are the names of my Team Members, the names of my Family. 

Orb's of Joy, Fresh Fish and Martin Bosley

Posted by Sarah on June 10, 2016

With the colder weather setting in it was definitely time for a new menu. First up for the overhaul treatment is Alongside. The team here wanted to make more of our location and with that more of fresh seafood in our menu. To do this we reached out to Martin Bosley, an long time family friend & one of New Zealand’s finest chefs. With a food philosophy that we should eat what's in season, what's local and what's fresh. Martin has won every major food award NZ has to offer and loves working our stunning New Zealand seafood.

With this in mind Martin has designed a menu heavy on fresh New Zealand seafood. From a raw bar featuring local oysters, the ever popular Ika Mata (raw fish marinated with coconut, lime & lemon juice) and our market fish.  Our kitchen team are getting into the home smoking both on the grill & on the BBQ out at Alongside. Giving us gorgeous smoked fish for our smoked fish chowder & pie both perfect for these colder days. Don't stress though the good, old favourites like Fish and Chips and our green lipped mussels are still there to keep you happy.

For those not keen on seafood I can't go past the Lamb Ribs with our secret Alongside BBQ sauce & roasted sesame dressing, I have to fight Scarlett for them now she's discovered them! For those worried about the appearance of the winter belly you can always grab the superfood salad full of everything you need for a healthy lunch. 

For me having the healthy option leaves me free to indulge in our 'Orbs of Joy, fluffy donuts filled with your choice of house made filling or maybe a warm chocolate brownie complete with chocolate sauce & icecream. We have managaed to tick off a few paleo options both on the breakfast menu & the all day dining options plus plenty of meals for our gluten free & dairy free friends.

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