Cooking for Gordon Ramsey (well, kind of)

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Posted by Martha & Sophie on August 01, 2017

The pressures of dating!

One half of our personal administration team, Sophie Adams, talks about the pressures of dating and trying to impress her trained chef date with her home cooked meals.  

My husband Johnny is actually a trained chef, as well as being a boat skipper, so when we first started dating, I felt really pressured when I was cooking meals, thinking this guy is going to have a really refined palate and I was always really nervous at the idea of cooking a meal for him. I had this structure in place that when he used to come over for dinner at my place, I'd start cooking and then I'd find some kind of an excuse, going out for some wine or I'd ask him to finish up the meal while I was busy with "other" things.  In my mind, if he contributed to the cooking, then it was like a shared kind of meal, so he wouldn't complain too much if it went pear-shaped.  That seemed to be working out okay for me and his plate was always clean when dinner was finished so I wondered if he was just being polite or genuinely enjoyed his meal? I was never sure, but I seemed to be getting away with my little plan.  

One day we got home back from the beach and Johnny said, "Oh, I'm really hungry. I'm just going to go make something to eat," and then I find him in the kitchen and he's got this horrible processed white bread and those cheese single slices and he's putting it in the microwave for like a minute!  I think to myself "Gosh, this guy is actually eating that?" From that moment on, I was like, "Well, crikey - if he's going to eat that, then I've got no pressure for the meals I create for him anymore!" Seriously, I was worried that Gordon Ramsay was coming over to my house for dinner - that's how intense the pressure was for me!  After that, meals were a lot less stressful and needless to say, there is no processed white bread or cheese singles in my home. Maybe he has a secret stash somewhere on the boat, I don't know, but we don't have that at home. Yeah, no worries, with me cooking anymore at home for my husband and kids anymore!

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