Sophie's favourite meal

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Posted by Martha & Sophie on August 01, 2017

Being a Mum, I'd have to say any meal that I haven't cooked would have to be my favourite meal. When you're a Mum,  it feels like you're the catering department a lot of the time.  If I'm cooking I'd have to say a good family roast would be my absolute favourite. There's nothing better than watching your kids sit down and eat a whole heap of veggies and meat and all of that good stuff.  

In our house it's a really quick process of getting the roast meal together; roasted carrots are considered a treat. The kids seem to fight over those too.  Roasting is a real tradition in our home.  When it comes to Christmas lunch, we still have a full on roast turkey and all the trimmings. It can be blistering heat outside (being a Kiwi summer and all), but I will still be in the kitchen cooking a roast. I really like to keep some of those English traditions alive for my family. My husband thinks I'm bit mad, but he really enjoys it as well. Things like that are really important. I know it sounds a bit cliched, but just sitting down as a family together over a lovingly made roast meal is really important for us.



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